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Front and Sherbourne


It’s sad, I know
I can’t get this time out of my head
It was where I would go to warm up my bones
Away from my home to make noise w/ Thomo at our pad in T.O.
And it’s how we’d roll

There’s always an open door
People’d stop by and our family would grow
If we could get something done…
Well, whatever… you know…
So instead we’ll get stoned and sing ridiculous songs
We’ll laugh our nights away, that’s what I miss…

So, Little Mo’, get yourself together so that we can go
out onto the town and drink some alcohol
We’ll swill the night away and then we’ll stumble home
It’ll be worth it!

I know you don’t work ’till 9:00
A few hours of sleep and you’ll be all right
You see, I need you so I can whine
And reminisce of all those times that I had
But I’m in over my head
It is years in the past and it’s time for an end
Because now that I know that I have to let go
I can say “So long” and “Thank you, all!”


David Stein
David Stein
Noah Mintz

The Players

vocals, guitars, bass, drums, percussion
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