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My Role in the Banana Hoax

by Andrew Haust

This is the first full length I recorded under my own name. It was a very long time in the making.

Most of these songs were either written or mostly written around 2001–2008. After a few aborted attempts, I finally got down to seriously recording them in late 2018 and finally releasing it in eaarly 2020, just shy of the pandemic.


Produced by Daphne Copper and Andrew Haust in Ontario, Canada, 2018-19

Recorded and mixed by Daph at her lovely Copper Sound Studio in Guelph ( coppersound.ca ) with additional recording by Andrew at his apartment in Toronto
“How I Choose to Remember You” mixed by Andrew and cleaned up by Daph

Mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel in Toronto

Written, arranged, and performed by Andrew with:

  • Erik Alcock: harmony vocals (#1)
  • Laura Barrett : voice (#4)
  • Marcos Chirinos: sax blasts (#7)
  • Shawn Fisher: violin (#6, #7)
  • Dan Gooch : flugelhorn (#4, #6), trumpet (#6, #7), trombone (#4), euphonium (#6)
  • Thomas Hammerton: piano (#3), keys (#2, #4, #7)
  • Jan Haust: switchblade banjo (#4)
  • Charlotte Moore: cello (#6, #9)
  • Champagne James Robertson : electric guitar (#6)
  • Heather Rowland: operatic vocals (#7)
  • Daphne Copper : various synths (#3), loops (#9)
  • Tyler Wagler : upright bass (#6)

…and the voices of (#6):

  • Erik Alcock
  • Laura Barrett
  • Tabitha Bathory
  • Marcos Chirinos
  • Drew Czerink
  • Lee Haust
  • Stephanie Highfield
  • Brendan Howlett
  • Laura Levesque
  • David Missio
  • Ashley Mogg
  • Erik Mut
  • Miller Peterson
  • Dwight Schenk
  • Jacqui Wice
  • Thomo

…and the zebra gang (#4, #6):

  • Nathanael Backynski
  • Shawn Fisher
  • Nathan Klassen
  • Holly Schweitzer
  • Graham Steinman

Certain bass and drum parts on “Every Day…” and the title track were inspired/written by Erik Alcock and Kevin Sommerville, respectively

Champagne and Jan improvised their solos Thomas improvised most of his parts Charlotte improv’d parts of “Turtle” Heather, Dan, Shawn, and Marcos improv’d for the interlude of “Something’s Wrong”

“How I Choose…” is compiled entirely of audio off a couple of mini cassettes of my buddies Miller and Thomo and me from back in the good ol’ early ’00s when we’d record our jams on a dictaphone

“The Pad” painting by Paul W Thompson - pwtfinearts.com Drawing and hand-lettering by David Missio Either Erik Alcock or Jarvis Taylor took the photo on the cover—who can remember these things

Thanks to all involved in making this thing plus Mum, Dad, and the rest of the fam; Keri Levine and that whole crew; Katie McCowan; Phil Demetro at Lacquer Channel; and extra thanks to Laura L for all the rides and chats between Toronto and Guelph <3

Cassette Cassette

Cassettes available on bandcamp

The Pad