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It's Sunday and I'm Relaxed


It’s Sunday and I’m relaxed…
If this is how it’s going to be
Well, I’ll surely leave

I fear I’m just pretending when I’m not doing well
I feel so ashamed when I complain
And I’d rather spread happiness through nonsense
But I don’t know how
And I think I found God but that’s not going well

So long…
Whoever thought we’d get along!
I’ll never know the truth or where to find you
How long do I have to play along?
I’ll leave you to regroup
You always find room

They say it’s true… if you follow through
Your loneliness will never hold you
Your fate is proof of your old views
You’re leaving home and we’ll never find you


David Stein
David Stein
Noah Mintz

The Players

vocals, guitars, synths, bass, drums, percussion, singing saw
Thomas Hammerton
David Stein
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